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PLEASE NOTE:  We no longer sell the Cat 1R-0750 fuel filter in our Kits. The good news is our new line of Fleetguard filters will still work on your existing base. Please see more info below.

Our Diesel Fuel Filter Kits were developed to be an affordable solution for diesel truck owners to protect them against injector and pump failures in an increasingly bad diesel fuel market. We are just a small shop in Oregon that wants to help you protect your truck, but not break the bank doing it. We don't spend money on advertising or fancy packaging and stickers, we pass all those savings on to you, for over 11 years now, by giving you a good quality product at a very fair price. These kits were not developed for the high horsepower trucks, but rather for the average guy that is stock or just throws a simple tune and a few light mods on his truck and wants rock-solid, everyday driving dependability. If you are over 500HP, we recommend going a different direction and paying over twice as much for the kits that were designed for this higher horsepower.

We all either have had our own experience, or a buddy that has had to replace his injectors or injection pump. As you well know, this is a very expensive repair costing thousands of dollars. What we have developed is a simple solution to help keep your high pressure system from failing due to todays increasingly bad fuel. We have developed our kits with high quality fuel filters that are available in almost any decent size town for an affordable price. No proprietary filters you have to buy from us, like some of the other filter kit manufactures out there. Once you install our kit, you can have 100% peace of mind knowing you have the best diesel filtration installed on your truck to protect it.

Why we went from CAT to Fleetguard filters in our kits

We developed these kits years ago to give guys the BEST protection they could get for their trucks at an affordable price. We also wanted guys to be able to get filters in there local hometown, rather than buying them from us like other companies do. We had the CAT 1R-0750 filter in our kits for over 10 years, because they are a great filter and are readily available. Now the CAT filters are considered an older filter-media technology compared to the advancement in filtration over the last several years. We have also seen fake knockoffs out there in the marketplace that can cause issues and leave you less protected. Our goal will always be to provide you with the BEST filtration you can get, to protect your high-dollar investment. Introducing the NanoNet technology!

NonoNet retention

The newer NanoNet technology found in Fleetguard fuel filters is now the most advanced technology and superior protection you can buy. The result of this Nanonet technology gives it a 2 micron rating at over 99.6% efficiency! Do your own research on these Fleetguard Nanonet filters. For the low cost and the easy availability, you will be pressed to find a better filter out there.

Info on Fleetguard NanoNet Fuel Filters here.

NanoNet media graph
Key Benefits of Our Kits
  • We meet and exceed the filter specs that the injector manufacturers recommend for protection of there injectors.

  • Over 99.6% efficient at removing particles 2 micron and larger (earlier OEM filters are only about 60% efficient removing larger 7 micron particles!).

  • Our filters are placed before the stock filter, so the stock filter catches any debris and particles downstream resulting from filter replacement and maintenance.

  • Filters are readily available in your town, not proprietary from us.

  • Less possible hassle from dealer being before the stock filter.

  • Ours is not mounted directly on the engine vibrating a heavy fuel-filled filter and bracket around off of a couple engine bolts.

  • Quick and easy installation.

  • Filters fuel better than any existing secondary fuel filter kit on the market.

  • Filters take less than 10 minutes to change every 15,000 miles.

  • Filters can be bought affordably and easily all over the US and Canada.

  • Our brackets mount 2" higher than most brands completely hiding it inside and above the frame rail for protection.

  • Reduces engine area under-hood clutter.

  • Kits include high quality steel fittings (not brass) and fuel hose.

  • Kits include everything needed to install. (if it has our pump, you must supply 12 volt power)

  • Maximizes pump and injector life.

  • Works great with the stock fuel pump, or we put one in the kit (Duramax kits add a pump).

  • Will not drop fuel pressure.

  • Bio-diesel B20 compatible.

  • Noticeable smoother idle.

  • Detailed color picture instructions included.

  • Proven track record of filtration success from tens of thousands of truck owners.

  • 100% peace-of-mind knowing you are protected.

  • Our kits are shipped to your door with tracking for a flat $5 shipping fee in the lower 48 states.

Click here for the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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