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  • Why should I buy your Kit over the others out there?
    We have developed Kits that are very affordable compared to other manufactures. They are easy to install, use high quality parts, include everything you need to install, they are easy to get filters for in your local hometown and we use what we consider to be the best filters out there for what we want to accomplish. We don't make you buy proprietary filters from us every time you change your filter. We also don't advertise, use fancy decorated packaging or include stickers in your order to pass those savings directly onto you.
  • How much is shipping?
    All kits are shipped to your door in the lower 48 states with tracking for a flat $5 shipping fee. Once your order is processed, we will send you a tracking number via email to track it right to your door.
  • How fast do you ship?
    We ship everyday Monday-Friday. It depends what time you get your order in by.
  • Will I get a tracking number?
    Yes. When your shipping label is generated, it will send a tracking number to your email to track it right to your door. Please check your email 'Junk' folder if needed.
  • Will these added filters drop my fuel pressure?
    The short answer is no. We have our Kits on thousands of trucks out there and they are extensively tested. When they start to become clogged over time you may see a drop in fuel pressure. A lot of guys install a fuel pressure gauge to monitor as an indicator of when the filters need to be changed. This is personal preference.
  • Is my stock pump enough to handle your Kit?
    Dodge uses a very good in-tank pump that has been on the trucks since 2005. It has proven itself to be a very reliable setup unless going over 500hp. This pump will have no problem at all pushing through our filters. Chevy/GMC on the other hand isn't a great setup for fuel delivery as the CP3/CP4 pulls fuel all the way from the rear of the truck. We have designed a great primer-pump for our Duramax Kits that pushes through the filters and has fuel sitting at the CP3/CP4 waiting for use. It draws very little power, is super quiet, has a life expectancy of 40,000 hours and is a "flow-through" design if it should ever fail so you are not stranded.
  • How long do your Kits take to install?
    This is a tough question to answer without knowing your mechanical ability. If you are good at mechanical stuff and turning wrenches it should take no more than 45-90 minutes to install any of our Kits. If you are the one who reads the instructions three times and is still confused and calling a buddy for help you better plan on a couple hours. They are all fairly simple to install though.
  • How often should I change my filters?
    We get ask this question many times a week. It's tough to answer because of a lot of variables to this question. Do you use good quality fuel from reputable stations? Do you get it straight out of the pump at the station or are you getting it from a transfer tank that has been filled by a tanker truck? Do you drive mainly asphalt or gravel/dirt roads? Etc, etc.. You get the point! Just use common sense. If your conditions are all normal, than we recommend every 15,000 miles. If they are not normal conditions, just remember the filters are cheap insurance to protect your truck and change them more often.
  • Is everything I need included in the Kit?
    All of our Kits contain everything needed to install them except a few basic tools. Wrenches, Allen wrenches, etc.. Doesn't take a lot, but the kitchen butter-knife and the needle-nose pliers in the junk drawer isn't gonna cut it either! You will need to get simple 12 volt power back to the pump in the Duramax Kits.
  • Where do I buy my filters?
    We designed these Kits to use what we feel are the best filters on the market for your trucks protection doing much in-depth research. We wanted filters guys could get at there local hometown stores without having to special order them. Most towns of decent size have a shop or truck dealer that will carry Fleetguard. If not, they can always be ordered from us or online. These filters are considerably cheaper than OEM filters, plus you are of course getting much better quality and filtration. You can also find them over on our Filters & Parts page.
  • Do I remove or leave the stock filter in place after installing your Kit?
    We recommend that you leave the stock forward filter in place to catch anything from maintenance further up the line such as replacing filters, etc., but this is personal preference. For the Cummins '13.5-18 trucks we do sell a Delete Kit if you decide to completely remove the canister off of the side of the block. It can be found on the Cummins '13-18 page.
  • If I already have another manufacturer's secondary fuel filter installed do I still need your Kit?
    The simple answer to this question depends on if you are positive the aftermarket filter not only filters fuel better, but also separates water from the fuel. Their is a very popular setup out there for the Duramax that replaces the stock filter with a base that accepts either a CAT or a Donaldson filter, but it does not separate water from the fuel. This is not good protection, as water is just as hard on the pump and injectors as not having it filtered as tight.
  • Do you recommend using a fuel additive?
    Absolutely! The fuel is getting worse and worse every year. Since they went to the low-sulphur fuel years ago, you need lubrication and good additives to maintain adequate protection against mechanical failure. Their are many good additives on the shelf at your local parts store. USE IT EVERY TIME YOU FILL UP, not every 2-3 tanks like some recommend.
  • Will cold weather affect me having your Kit installed?
    Being ready for cold weather and fuel not gelling is a proactive thing. It should never be a reactive thing once it has happened. A lot of people out there will say that they would rather have a filter under the hood to stay warm so it doesn't gel. Well, will a nice warm filter under the hood keep it from gelling in the steel line all the way back to the tank when that steel line is -30 degrees? No, it won't! If you are protected with winterized fuel in your area and a good fuel additive, than you shouldn't need to worry about it. We have tons of our Kits running up in Canada and Alaska with absolutely no problems at all in the winter if common sense is again used. If you are still concerned about this, we now sell the Cold Weather-Sleeve on the Filters & Parts page.
  • Will you be making a Kit for my truck soon?
    We are always working on coming out with new Kits and different brackets to fit a broader selection of trucks. The best thing to do is check our website often to see new updates. We update it regularly to keep you updated on what we are working on.
  • What is your return policy?
    Returns are accepted with a 15% restocking fee within 30 days and our actual shipping charges taken out above the flat-fee that you paid. All returns must be approved by phone and in resalable condition which means pumps unused, mounting bracket unscratched, parts clean and the plastic still on the filters. When we receive your Kit back, we will do an inventory of all reusable parts. You will be credited back based on that.

Frequently Ask Questions

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Key Benefits Of our Kits

  • We meet and exceed the filter specs that the injector manufacturers recommend for protection of there injectors.

  • Over 99.6% efficient at removing particles 2 micron and larger (earlier OEM filters are only about 60% efficient removing larger 7 micron particles!).

  • Our filters are placed before the stock filter, so the stock filter catches any debris and particles downstream resulting from filter replacement and maintenance.

  • Filters are readily available in your town, not proprietary from us.

  • Less possible hassle from dealer being before the stock filter.

  • Ours is not mounted directly on the engine vibrating a heavy fuel-filled filter and bracket around off of a couple engine bolts.

  • Quick and easy installation.

  • Filters fuel better than any existing secondary fuel filter kit on the market.

  • Filters take less than 10 minutes to change every 15,000 miles.

  • Filters can be bought affordably and easily all over the US and Canada.

  • Our brackets mount 2" higher than most brands completely hiding it inside and above the frame rail for protection.

  • Reduces engine area under-hood clutter.

  • Kits include high quality steel fittings (not brass) and fuel hose.

  • Kits include everything needed to install. (if it has our pump, you must supply 12 volt power)

  • Maximizes pump and injector life.

  • Works great with the stock fuel pump, or we put one in the kit (Duramax kits add a pump).

  • Will not drop fuel pressure.

  • Bio-diesel B20 compatible.

  • Noticeable smoother idle.

  • Detailed color picture instructions included.

  • Proven track record of filtration success from tens of thousands of truck owners.

  • 100% peace-of-mind knowing you are protected.

  • Our kits are shipped to your door with tracking for a flat $5 shipping fee in the lower 48 states.

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